Creation's Daughter

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Stoned on a stone on this Rocky River
So lost in thought of the things I remember
One of them is your pretty face
Another is the things it would say
Things like
All of these pivotal all these prophets
They are the change and the change in your pockets
Always pushing for the moment
That you lose control and you just flow with it
I have seen faces gathering in the desert
Not to find god or to find the answer
Just to be a part of the possibilities
Of thousands of bodies creating energy
Out here there is certainly alien activity
But where is here are we separate from reality
Maybe we’ve landed on the moon
Hope I don’t have to leave anytime soon
Follow the rooster to the mouth of the portal
I am an ox and I am tired of these mortals
Cleansing in the coastal waters
I fell in love with the daughter of creation
And how I lost is another story to tell
I worked those hills in the wild Wild West
And there I found gold and knowledge and respect
None of this will bring you back
It’s wonder I must expect that

Autor(es): Nahko

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