Extra Kool

Creature From The Whack Lagoon

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Creature, creature, man these songs make
No sense, creature, creature, why do you
Always look tense? creature, creature, I'm
Hoping that the tracks will make me float,
Creature, creature, cause, Doctype gives
Me hope...

[Verse 1:]
A yo, my world is so pretty, I'm giving sight
Like a lamp shade, this diary of the dead, written
Live before we pass away, man these songs make no
Sense, but there rapped in perfect timing, what's
The deal with all the monsters? and why do you sound
Like you're whining? I guess that Denver's the whack
Lagoon, and I'm the creature at the bottom, swooping
All the swimming damsels, bring em back to my coffin,
But the scene is so serial, I guess I lied about the
Women, plus I'd never make it big if I said I'd left
Them swimming, so instead I bend the truth, yo cause
That's what creature does, a hungry life is hunger's
Prison, so the words get used like drugs, now the
Kids feel depressed, not to worry little children,
I'm only a monster at the heart, I'm here to save
Like penicillin, yo my world is so special, took a
Zombie made her mine, till she stabbed me in the
Heart, became the bride of Frankenstein...


[Verse 2:]
Once upon a time in the land of whack lagoons, lived
A creature steady rocking, by the name of Extra Kool,
Now this boy was so special, everybody had his music,
Made all the ghoulies dance, but the shows where so
Secluded, he used to rap to empty rooms, now he plays
To groups of hundreds, now his words are starting to
Pop, moving product by the dozens, but he still get's
No respect, just another creature hungry, gives to
Much to the public, and not enough to what's in side
Him, but of all the vampires, groovy ghosts and
Zombie girls, he's a monster that's to picky, letting
Cretins in his world, cause he's the creature, creature
Story book feature, feeding off you're screams like
A piece of pizza, creature, creature story book feature,
Feeding off you're screams...


Creature, creature [x4]

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