Creature of Darkness

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Face in the darkness
Uncertain shape of the creature
Emerging from behind the bloody sky
It comes to harvest the empty human souls

It comes to destroy and burn with fury
Mercy takes no place where prayers should be heard
This should be the mighty god, relief from the pain
The ones who believe wait, the others hold their faith

Warriors fall so does their god
The final battle must be unleashed to bring the truth to live
The weak will submit to their destiny
Submit to the slavery of the mighty ones

Creature's approaching from the darkness
Serpents follow this disgusting form of being
Once call it god of the almighty one
As soon as he shows his back, they want to see him dead

Can the tyrant be defeated by any mortal powers ?
Can the evil hit the bottom of the deepest oblivion ?
With hope in heart and endless endurance in blood
We can vanquish anyone and rule this world

Creature in the darkness
Disgusting and shapeless one
Being followed by the weakest serpents
Only the strong can resist and stay apart.

Explanation :
Christians often describe Jesus Christ as a nice
and gentle man. They never speak about using Jesus and
religion as the symbols neither for their medieval crusades
nor current politics. Thus we describe Jesus (god) as the
shapeless, formless creature in lead of troops of doom.

Autor(es): Immortal / Rasto S.