The Blue Dogs

Creatures in My House

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Well, I've got creatures, living in my house y'all
Very messy, yeah they're getting me down
A salamander nibbling at the food on my plate
And his friend Mr. lizard,
Talks about the folks he don't appreciate
Well there's the crickets
Coming out at night and messing with my stereo
They's a monkey prowlin' around my cookie looking for a Oreo
Who's that sittin' on my back porch drinking a Michelob
Yes a striped coon sitting in my closet chewing on my bathrobe

Well, I've got creatures, living in my house y'all
I don't despise them, but I'm just tired of it all
Hippopotamus just sitting in the bathtub reading my books
And a walrus in the stairway, is always giving me, the funniest looks
I got spiders in my nose
I got gators hanging and biting on my toes
The exterminator man he got so scared that he froze
For all I been down ain't the same road I chose
I got creatures in my house
But that's all right
They all right

Autor(es): Buck Bradberry / Chris Holden

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