Pianos Become the Teeth

Creatures of Habit

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It's always that one time, the worse was so much bigger than the better
Idle minds wasted on running water that won't flow, just fall.
A peace of mind removed, we accept only the things we think we deserve
The two headed fighting ourselves for food
In the back of the minnows throats, searching for length
Chiggers, wretched things, phones that work one way,
Chiggers, wretched things, all front, no back,
Stay burning, stay crossed, stay straight, fight harder
I'm no saint, but please, if you know speak
Cant get out, only in
How can I teach?
I see his eyes afraid, keeping everything blind and dark
But somehow he can still watch me read
Forget the hits, remember the misses
Tongues held, time passing, keeping ears for the negative
I fell in love with a dimple but not the whole face
If we get better with age, why live now?
What if we could only think out loud

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