The Brunettes

Credit Card Mail Order

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With covers pulled, seizing the day
Watching a local network's country music T.V. show


I heard something no cynic should ever shoot down
No, it's not God
Let's wait until we're older


You bought in and you sold out
But girl, you need love
Though you pine for this and you'll suffer for that
Girl, you need love


And when days seem to fall on in on you
You gotta pick a love to break your blue
Entertain the thought all your life
But cats and canines are no match for a wife

Fate, pick sleep
Stick it out
Until change comes
Compiling limited sets
You enlightened you
To fill the void on your shelf
With a credit card mail order
Credit card mail order

Sign and deliver
A limited feature
Oh, sign and deliver
Envision a house, a home

Autor(es): Jonathan Bree

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