Little Dead Bertha

Creeping In The Mist

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I know your fears I’m your danger
Your pain reflected my light
I’m your indifferent angel
And follow me in the world of night
I know your crazy illusion
Your soul life in my reign
I bring disease and confusion
Sorrow and doubts in your helpless brain

Time for lie
I know you feel the pain
Your cry as a music for my brain
Your eyes is burn as flame
You mad doll in my game

I’m grim sign of your fate
You slave of my hate
My voice kill your dream
My song is your scream

Cold of wind and darkness of night
Tasit land and snow mist
You believe in kindness and light
But you only food for beast
He the go and death in your eyes
Blood flow down from your lips
Evil force and power of night
Always creeping in the mist

Life is long and you a strong
My angel I’m fear you
Dreams is lost my evil ghost
I know you but not hear you

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