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Undertones of horror
Are in the ring of freedom
Turn down the television
And listen for the hungry army
With a hand to feed them don't ignore the power
Of ignorance
All the names were changed
Uniforms exchanged
Still dressed to kill
Because the intent is still the same
And has been all this while
Lying under a pile
Of lye coated children
All wearing big smiles
They've been strip-mauled
And hauled
From their o'hallowed halls
All classes dismissed
Any risk of infection
Now we all learn
From our imperfections
Now we all burn in our own hell
But theres no division
All you parents
Run and scream "NO!"
Please don't let it go to
Our children
But they only heard the word "NO!"
When they needed your undivided attention
While you were so busy Out funding ethnic cleansing
Why are you so fucking stupid?
You can't wash your hands to kill infection
Let the schools burn
And end this quarentine
All you parents and teachers
You're fired!

Autor(es): Himsa