Madilyn Bailey

Crescent of the Moon

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Life is made of memories
Short but ever sweet
Like a soft kiss blown on the breeze
And theyre waiting for you

If life is a hit or miss
Then Id ask for only this
Id whisper my one wish
On the wind hope it finds you

But if you, you want to
Break all the rules
Well Id do that, Id to that for you

But tonight I want to dance with you
I want to lose track of the time
Watch the hours pass us by
I want to dance with you
Oh I want to dance with you
On the crescent of the moon

Well time is a funny thing
It slows down when youre suffering
But rushes by when everything
Is so wonderful
With time theres never quite enough
But I find no reason to rush
As the sun is setting on us
Take in the beauty of the night

So clap, clap your hands
Take mine and well dance
Lose yourself in the rhythm as we sway
Let the star light guild our way, our way

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