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She expressed I don't really like this mess I'm in
Broken words that fall from the mouth of a broken girl dressed in confusion again
Gunna leave this town and wash it right out of my hair
Gunna leave I wont look back I swear so be prepared to stand up and scream

Walk down come sit next to me stay here on some solid ground I swear you wont be found
I heard this song on the radio and it reminded me of how we use to be 17
Don't look around don't hit the ground running when you see your world get pulled out from under you

Through the trees this brand new landscape of a disease
Heart attack for any man on the floor but makes you beg for more
This scene it's not all glitter all movie screens
Like she was promised the day she was born now she is torn up again and again

And it makes you feel important
But it makes her hate her self

Autor(es): Eleventeen