Crime And Punishment

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A breath of wind in the fresh of the day
Signifies the end
Timidly, but without fail
My dark intend ascends

Without reason, without aim
I'm wandering around
A desperate quest for my refuge
I know I run aground

The sequence of calamities
Born from my haughty mind
Have made me struggle on my way
Helpless, lost and blind
And may my guilt be ever
Such a heavy load
Still I hope for better times
I'll take the burden on

Delirious with fever
My apprehension grows
I'm bound by chains of paranoia
Fate exacts it's toll
I feel it in my bones
Assailed by doubts and woes
The moment of exposure nears
It's time to make my bows

There will be no reprieve
To expect from destiny
The shadows of the past
Will haunt me for eternity

Not a single tear, for sure
Will be shed for me
My steps may lead me to release
But free, free, I'll never be