Crime Of Passion

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Running from the scene of mischief
Scared to death when they pursued me
Knowing they will catch me in the end

Thought my flight had got no purpose
I kept on running round in circles
Finally I fell into their hands

What have I done
I recklessly killed someone
Oh judge, it really fills my mind with grief
The only thing I get is disbelief

Selfish love and blind aggression
Drove me to this crime of passion
I was so enchanted by her looks

On the verge of sheer exhaustion
She evoked all these emotions
Never gave me love, but only took

Court can't you see
That I've turned out to be
The target for her feelings of revenge
I'll need the best of lawyers in the land

'Cause they know every prison and they win every case
But can they help forget her merciless gaze
I never meant to hurt that man from the start
Oh, what in the world could ease my mournful heart