Elvis Costello

Crimes of Paris

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I thought it was you and your optimist`s view of the clock
And how it`s always another day
Just after twelve o`clock`s struck
You said "Now I only want you so I don`t have to promise"
But tiny children in grown-up clothes whispered all the Crimes of Paris

You`re not the girl next-door or a girl from France
Or the cigarette-girl in the sizzle hot-pants
All the words of love seem cruel and crass
When you`re tough and transparent as armored glass
You`re everywhere girl in an everyday mess
Who`ll pay for the Crimes of Paris

I heard that you fell for the "Hell or to Hammersmith Blues"
In the tiny torn up pieces of his mind he`s irresistible too
Now it`s hard to say now if he`s only stupid or smart
When he crawled through the door
And poured out more of his creeping-Jesus heart


And it`s all here and now
She hit him with that paper-weight Eiffel Tower
And I tried to hold on to you but I don`t know how
And I find it hard to swallow good advice
Like going down three times to only come up twice

She`s so convenient, he`s always stiff as hair-lacquer
It`s hard to discover now he`s in love with her
It was her way of getting her own back
You never did anything she couldn't do on her own
You`re as good as your word and that`s no good to her
You`d better leave that kitten alone


Autor(es): Declan MacManus

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