Billy Childish

Crimes of the future

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Early in the morning - lift your dress
about midmorning - that's what I like best
comes along noon - gonna hold you tight
pretty soon - it'll be midnight

Comes around evening - in the cold twilight
comes around evening - it's you I sight
Comes past 8 - I'm gonna hold you close
comes past 8 - you're the one I love the most

Comes along midnight - it's the time for me
comes along midnight - give it all to me
Comes along midnight -there's gonna be a crime
comes along midnight - gonna make you mine
There's gonna be a crime - a crime of the future
there's gonna be a crime - you gotta get used to
there's gonna be a crime - a crime of the past
there's gonna be a crime - it's gonna be my last

repeat last part

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