Criminal Island

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[Intro: M.M.O.]
Criminal Isle, Criminal Isle (4X)

Live off Criminal Isle where the roller coasters wild
At the youth, be causin' shoots disputes for loot
The paper chase til you catch a major case
Youse a major player now, make the plays you baste
On Criminal Isle, let me keep your banger close
Be quick to pop toast or learn from bone birds
To catch wombs and head trauma, dear mama
You hear from a thug child on Criminal Isle
It's the train rob, for sure, bodies washed ashore
Shells of all fours, on elevator floors
Peelin' all the doors, surveillance in the ceilings
Cameras record, it's all saw, the war whores
On Criminal Isle, jake can't find the tape
It's outlined and taped, every week is a waste
For Pete's sake, my piece is treatin' your fate
Eat to your face, best to stay in a child's place
On Criminal Isle...

[Chorus 2X: Trigg'nomm]
It's Criminal Isle, juveniles and fish outed
Henny and Jay, nah, we don't pop Crystal
Broadcastin' live, from out to C.I.
Watch and you divide, when it's live and let die

Live off Criminal Isle, it's fish out and generals
Front of Ocean Towers, usual profiles
Had a nine to five, for bout five to nine days
Came to the conclusion, you craze, crime pays
And buries it's way, ain't seen dough for days
Be ferocious, rage, when your toaster spray
On Criminal Isle, see, I survive and let die
Cop now to N.Y., spittin' eye for an eye
Leave to death, loyalty, heat and the best
You know the rest, more or less, hustle and stress
Poverty and paper, on the low, schemin' papers
A career crime, just to see a, mere dime
On my spare time, polish my nine, despite shine
On Criminal Isle, so gritty in Kiddy Land, as a child
Meanwhile, severe wounds and penile's
Hard knocks, and a hard rock on every hard block
Your hardest drop, eyeball witness the shots
On Criminal Isle, it's scheme is a kingpin
And beef houses gettin' head shots from silk trousers
Can't be the lies, pay dues or be penalized
Wit wise guys that live a pie
On Criminal Isle, the shiest spies to stay alive
Hands be I, hold not to be my dick jocker
Hands C.I., life of a monster, ya'll

[Chorus 2X]

[Interlude: Trigg'nomm]
It's Criminal Isle, Criminal Isle
Criminal Isle, Criminal Isle

Live off Criminal Isle, it's Carry Gardens and Ocean Towers
Search Side and Z Park, see heat spark
Turtles see in the park, battlin' guinea 'gain
On the back spin, and it's speaker be a mack 10
On Criminal Isle, it's two double o seven
The white buildings, see your houses and graves in
Stay blazin', one way out, one way in
B.D.F.N., last stop, to Brooklyn
See Criminal Isle, and on fire, coconuts and mermaids
Rubber POWs, get sprayed, on Criminal Isle
We tough it, two thugs, buck it out
Time for herb, take me to the suburbs
Where a bounce never heard, and that's my word
Them cats is buck wild, way out in Criminal Isle
Criminal Isle, I 'member money and murder
And other amused, Mr. Coney Island, never heard of Criminal Isle

[Chorus to fade]