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Frozen embryo sheathed in shroud of numbness
In darkness that no hope brightens
I dwell for centuries, alone
Among the rocks the fragile creature of mine
They and time, me and eternity
None of us will stand the confrontation
Insensitivity and torpor these remain

I emerge from darkness ineffectively
Bored with constant keeping alone
Searching for light and fade of pain
Infinity and unattainableness they seem to be
So near...

Stimulated wings' flutter I'm trying to break
The hard shell, my home and grave

Hopeless struggle against superior
Conditions, destiny - these I don't want to
Fate is looking gloomily, I'm reaching out to Him
Encountered again the sight-penetrating
Insensitive, smooth and cold obstruction

I subconsciously feel the day will come
The power that can save me will arrive
Speak to me and melt my powerlessness
Won't it be too late?

Autor(es): Bill Waranoff / Jeff Hanneman / Kerry King