Twelfth Gate

Critical Elements

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These great diversions, further from the quest
Bail out and enjoy

Orchestrated random acts of life and death
Gamble survival, dodging the elements

No instruction to go on, and no promise of tomorrow
Mostly pathetic ends; only hope carries on
Its elementary

Along for the ride
Faith and reality collide
Mysterious, but in tune
Elements in harmony

Random, improvised recalculated symphony
It doesn't even matter
Supernatural text, subjective at the best
Criticized with disdain
It's still a test of will

Shattered the dream, tainted the spirit
It's only me, disobedient free willed me
Planted the seeds of the grand fantasy
The endless nightmare

Don't want to lose my balance
I'm just trying to get through the day
Struggle for harmony

Hard to contend when they exceed all forms of greed
No conscience governing the animals of consumption

Meaning of life's long quest
Are we chasing emptiness?

These things we take for granted
We are the elements
Critical elements