Noxious Emotion


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I want out
You're all crazy
Mild retardation is publicly approved
Our minds don't operate correctly
Strangers seem like morons
Ignorance is bliss
I wish I could be like that
Not knowing or caring of my fate
I am only food for the abyss
And there's nothing I can do
In passers by, dulled stares
No life exists in their eyes
Human insects feeding on each other
Fuck or killing those around
Do you ever wish you had the power
The equipment to build a nuclear bomb
Willpower to thin as nature should
Scrape off the dead skin layer
There are millions of people unaware that life is something you live
Suffocate me to be like them
I never tried to change them
If I could change it all
I honestly can't say if I would
Socialite soldiers may not know
But at least they're easy to control
If you have the money, mass media has the answer
If you have the initiative, America has the masses
A million ways to become normal
A million fast food resteraunts
Wonder Bread fashioned world
What if it's part of the plan
Subliminal TV spots need a weakened audience
To rule advertising doesn't work enough
First the public must be drained
If they get no sustenance they cant fight back
Well give them just enough to stay alive
But never enough to get ahead
See what I'm getting at?
It's not the food
It's the mind
Our society has quality controls on what information goes out
Just like the FDA regulates make the in-take weaker
The result is a weaker people easy to control and manipulate

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