Arkham Witch

Crom's Mountain

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I have lived a varied life but never gave
Quarter to any man, nor been a slave
Made many journeys from my homeland
Now, across the border of death I stand

Lightning strikes!
Biting through mist and shadow, raven's wings!
Beat darkly in the gloom, grim corpses!
Surround him on his iron throne
A heavy hand! Hammers down my doom!

On crom's mountain!

I was a mere boy, when as a man I stood
To repel invaders from our land of woods
I cleaved many a skull, before my sixteenth year
A long and bloody path has brought me here

Ye shall be judged mortals!

I grant thee a boon now warrior stand,
To rejoin the world of men,
To venture forth in the realm beyond,
To reap more souls for mount crom.

Your passion be fire, and your will be ice
I give you your strength and that will suffice
Trust not women, nor wizards, nor gods
Never give up, whatever the odds

Crom has spoken

And so, I was born again, born on the battlefield, son of a blacksmith!

So crom did grant my fate to the steadfast ones
Eternal lord of mist
To have my name bound in their iron book
Was yet to be my heritage
I'm alive!

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