The Anomy

Cromwell Street

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He took 25 minutes, she gave 25 whines
There were 25 reasons for 25 times
He said 25 words on 25 nights
But there's not 1 thing that could make it alright
There were 25 looks for 25 stares
There were 25 victims but nobody cares
He gave 25 punches for your 25 kicks
This is the 25th time I say your boyfriends a dick

We're gonna paint around the town with his crown
We always catch him up with his trousers down
We're gonna have some fun with this major offense
We're gonna have some fun directly at his expense

I'm gonna take you out with al of his wages
We're gonna watch the sunset and keep you out for ages
And when all the money and time is through
I'm sorry to say, but the pains going to you

How should you know?
Because you have never been left alone
Ignoring all the advice
But he won' look twice

Just wait until dark
Then you will see
Who he really is
Just don't think of coming back to me

You went out into the garden, sat underneath a pine tree
It started to go all wrong, when you noticed something sickly
How can something do close to holiness, be so untrue
The unhomely glow of that particular house had its claws into you

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