Cats On Fire

Crooked Paper Clip

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Loose yourself from the cellphone
Pretend you're not even there
And if Market Management says so
Well, take cover behind your chair

You know, you're running down the wrong track
When they're only willing to pay
When you sell things to kids who cannot
Tell the difference between shit and clay

And who told the boss that you were
Tinkering with the fax machine
A few minutes before it broke down
And that you quickly left the crime scene

A few paper balls and a dustbin
Why not try something else instead?
Your body fluids still float freely
And there's a cam above your head

Put every paper in the shredder
Destroy everything that was
It's about time you stop working
For someone else's cause

You shout "From now on it's my own dreams!"
"I have overcome my fears"
And when you convey the message
You watch your family burst into tears

Autor(es): Mattias Björkas

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