Dark At Dawn


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Down the road
That's paved with broken dreams
On my own
In darkness filled with silent screams
Waiting for
The coachman and his Guards
To carry me away

"I welcome you my son
So take a seat and see
What your life ought to be
We're heading for your destiny
Take up the challenge now
And let your journey end
We'll fan the inner flame of yours my friend"

Painful - the truth
In all my visions
Dreadful - the hate
That poisons my mind
Deep inside my soul
Fire is growing - soon to take control

Down the road
That's bounded by despair
Faster and faster
Rushing through a night so fair
Longing for
Redemption of my soul
To light my lonely way

"Prepare yourself my son
The terminus is near
Dismount and face the fear

Autor(es): Dark At Dawn

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