Nuclear Rabbit

Cross-Dress Crusade

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Sipping into a vintage leopard skin ankle low dress
Gliding over it a tasteful pair of purple see thru panties
With other knights of the defloreum, gracefully wielding my angel pitchfork
Set out into the night to lick the onlookers and perform mass cultivation

Boy would my mother be proud
Oh, how my sisters giggle with splender
If they could only see how pretty is me

Hible-lable, knock-knock Milfred... be a dear and get that for me
Surely you digress? I infest to digest, not impress, but to mess
I must bless, you conquest, mmm... use finesse? Here's my vest
Whats a pest! You take my best, you scabby wretch, applaud it, applaud it

Joy is this, my very own friend
To maul and to mold may a bestir be my wand
And zest this magic vomit

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