Bedtime For Charlie

Crossed Legs

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I won't drop a tear for you my love
I'll tear down your pedestal
Wipe away the dust and spider webs
From the stairway, down the hall
Mr drinker hasn't lost his mind
He put away the sedatives
Self control is kind of hard to find
So is animosity

The dark lady's running after you again
You'd better pray your god and be aware
You see her standing in the shadows, by your side
Replace your weapons, handle them with care

It's coming to an end
It's coming to an end
It's coming to an end
It's coming to an end

It goes on, and on, and on again
Cross my legs until they rot
Cross my arms as well, I'm staying in
Guess it's never gonna stop

And who the fuck are you to say it's simple
Who the fuck are you to say goodbye
Years ago this wouldn't have been hard to figure out
But not now

'Cause but now it just has got too tough
I'll just have to drop behind
I don't give a fuck how much she begs
I'll cross my legs -and arms-

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