Images of Eden

Crosses In The Sand

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Drowning in water where no one ever hopes to sail
Visions growing darker every day
When we look at where we are
We're sinking fast between the ocean and the sand

Drowning in a metaphor the quicksand pulls you under
There we see a soul that never lived to cry… why?

Living everyday only to regret, but you were given a choice
Something you cannot forget
All for one, for nothing, you are not to blame
It never saw the world… there was never life to hate

Playing God today, giving life a second chance
Why do you pity what was never born to be?
Living in shame is not what he would wish to see
"'Tis better to give than to take away."

Forgive yourself today, let's embrace tomorrow hand in hand
No lives were ever taken, they're all crosses in the sand
Let the waves wash them away, here and all across the land
In your new Independence Day, pray for the crosses in the sand

Maybe ten, twenty, even thirty years
He'd be another dead man walking
Stepping off the ledge "never to be saved"
If God so forgiving, then he would understand
Sometimes a "choice" is better to be made

Autor(es): Gordon Tittsworth

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