Sacred Steel

Crosses Stained With Blood

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Welcome to a neverland of torture
Stand in line for more
Are you brave enough little soldier
To kill and die at war

Die for god
Bleed for him
Die for Jesus
He is king

Calling out
My saviour he is there
I believe in magic
And in heaven's golden lair
Chosen one
I march
I fight for truth
(For) victory (and) Vatican
I have sold my youth

Crawl to your deathbed
Mercenary lost
Scream in the bloodshed
Now you realize your soul must pay the cost
Mortally wounded
Die for your god
Crosses stained with blood

Welcome to the law of the jungle
Welcome to the land of the beast
Sooner than you think you're the hunted

Six feet under rot
Neath crosses stained with blood

All you ever loved
Ever lived for
Vanished in the haze
All you ever feared
It has come true
One last prayer to waste

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