Crossing Enemy's Line

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Born in, caught out,
Care out, fear in,
Gear in, heart out,
Meanings for all,
Fearful war.

Dude, fright sight!
4 damn sides...
"Have faith in life."

Gone to,
Pull my head up,
All I care.

World's leaking mental disorder.
Face the facts, it's true.
We're dealing with a lack of order,
The papers brings the news:

We're targets promoting killings,
Step aside!
In place of hear we're screaming.

Well here, another "me" hides of you,
Twisted frame burns, while creed does to.

Wide horizons, slowly turns.

Pathetics under estimated,
Confused, crashing all the way.
Too bad for whom it shows:
Dead line.

Near to the bridge,
Walking not too sure,
Can't hold to the edge now,
You're on a slippery floor,
Thought you saw the sign,
Maybe to warn you that,
The damn bridge is falling,
Aiming to drag you.

Tell me what lies beside.

Run repeat run!
Men under attack,
Calling for rescue.
Is anyone listening?
We're loosing, we lost!
White flags are burning all around
All around!

See the red dawn, beyond the enemy's line.

Oh! Keep track of time.
Where are no one?
Keep track of time.

Old, still,
As J.C...
Oh! Shit,
Bleed through my eyes!

Mistakes we make,
Running after truth but wait for me.
Who are they?
Is that the only face to face?

Steal my directions away, steal my directions away,
Transport the goals it all seemed so close,
High light, never looked,
Meant just to fade. Even talked, nevercould,
Creed, rewind hopes and chances. Human want to be
You? Of who? Wellguess,
Got yourself tracked in time.

(World's leaking mental disorder...)

Bombs meet tonight.

(Face the facts its true...)

You feel a flood of terror in your head.

(Victimize, victimize...)

Cold feet, you rise.

Flash! Your eyes white turns,

(Still try)

Water hits the eye,
So Scarred,
To cross the enemy's line,
I see it in front of me.

Tomorrow seems not right,
In a giant puzzle I fell into,
Not to say,
I'd rather be where no one
Could reach my head.

This is the thing about doing,
Sustains its base in your ruin,
Turn, everyone is taking cover, go!

What do I gather if I,
Flow through the red dawn.
Why do we care on flowing
The damn red dawn?

Thought of bring along the artillery.

- I am what feels hate, I know.

Let it burn!

How? Wonder why.
Over the line,
No waving flags on mainstream.
This I won't agree.
Much too long I taught your language.

Them, hear you say: Re-lay, Re-lay.
I'll will always be the only one,
Without love.

Saw your painting wall
In gray, cremated...

Leaving this condition,
Being free for once, let go.

Inside of me,
Nothing but shattered dreams.
Nothing seems real,
My heart just don't feel.

Tide of grief blessing the stars.
Please don't leave me alone.
I must relieve...
You from believe...

Standing on main fields,
We feel the pouring rain,
Remain the lefts of you and I.
Holding on,
Not real I believed.
Oh! After this jail of mine,
How could I go if it's dead in my heart?
What if I'm wrong? Wrong?
Hero's blood,
Praise your honor.

Autor(es): Danilo Herbert / Miguel Spada / Mindflow / Rafael Pensado / Ricardo Winandy / Rodrigo Hidalgo