Art Garfunkel

Crossing lines

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Miles to go but how could you know
How far we've gone, how far we've gone
All it would take to keep me awake
Is a different song or someone to sing along

The radio promised to take me through the night
Its intentions are good but I doubt that it can
As far as I know there's no rule of the road
The wheel has to feel the same two hands

So why don't you drive for awhile
I've been crossing lines for miles
Why don't you drive for awhile
If I had only known
I'd be traveling alone
I would've stayed home
So why don't you drive for awhile

Sooner than later I could drift away
With the lights in my eyes and the hum at my feet
I think that we're lost but just of reach
Is a handfull of maps folded under your seat

Repeat chorus

It's my turn to ride

Repeat chorus

Autor(es): Dan Haseltine / Gary Burr / Maia Sharp

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