Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas


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Road stretches to all directions
North, east, and south, west

It goes on and on forever
Simple but yet complicated; tangles and untangles
Life is like a walkway
It goes awfully smooth sometimes but goes tough
Just look how a road goes up and down, right and left

Life goes on in different directions
Stretches perfectly straight
Crosses over in time to time
Signals guides us what to do and not to
But there aren’t signals in our life
It’s up to us to discover as an individual man
What is right and wrong in course of life

There is nothing called ”short cuts” in our life
It’s the small steps that pile up and make us a better man

You can walk towards left, right, or straight
You can walk anywhere anytime but not backwards

On a crossroad we tend to bump into each other
Fight with many people
Laps over many roads
Just keep walking, if you don’t stop someday we will achieve what we’ve aimed
Take the upcoming chance
So we go

Life and road in many ways
Interacting with others
Laughing, fighting, and crying
We crossover

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