Cross The Mountain Stream

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I'll carry my baby cross the mountain stream
So she can stay close to me
And when we get over the mountain stream
Maybe my baby be free

My baby can't really walk no more
Her legs are too weak and thin
She never dreamed of crossing that stream
She never thought she'd get in

Carry her cross that stream

My daddy fired his stillhouse up
Deep in the forest hills
Out come the drink of the devil there
Drink of a thousand ills
Carry my daddy cross the mountain stream
Make him some eyes that are clear
Silent and brewing or bull hot and flame
Make that stillhouse disappear

Carry him cross that stream

Carry me over the mountain stream
I think I can't do this alone
So carry me over the mountain stream
Tell me I'm on my way home

And when we get over the mountain stream
And everything is complete
When that great table is set for the feast
Let all the broken come eat

Carry me cross that stream

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