Barry Gibb

Cross to Bear

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Something appears in my field of vision
I close my eyes and I wonder why
That life itself is just a biblical fiction
Who do you believe in?
How can I lose myself?

You go wandering for 40 days and 40 nights
And you keep searching for the treasures of the Nile
They are just memories of things that prophets used to say
They cannot help you now, a million miles away

Let’s hit rewind
Some cosmic get-together
Just you and I
We go beyond forever
There is no time
It’s truly now or never
No use pretending you don’t care

Everybody’s got a worried mind
Everybody’s got a cross to bear
Everybody’s got an axe to grind
Everybody’s got to breathe the air

I’ve seen Ghandi, Krishnamurti, Jesus and the King
You quote the Son of Man while you destroy the Earth your mother
You build your fortress in the sand
You are the one who leads you
You say you’re starving while you bite the hand that feeds you

Don’t shout, I got mine
It’s all about me and I’m next in line
Get a life, I’m not lazy
Maybe thinking all the gods are crazy
Been there, done that, out of my face
Got to be a winner in the human race
It’s your lesson, know your place

Autor(es): Ashley Gibb / Barry Gibb / Stephen Gibb