Over It


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I guess its safe to say im crazy.
lost sanity to you.
knew that this would happen sometime, but this time,
I cant find the means to make you mine.
Assure me, when its done and I've come down that you won't quit waiting for me…

How you build me up.
the cross-tolerance could kill an army Of friends
the way your love blinds like a drug,
im left defenseless.

I know its no use, there are times I watch myself surrender so thoughtless
But you've no will you're just the scapegoat I abuse
afflicted with
Illusions I've let in.
My sickness fills me
Till my indignation spills
Though I still feel empty.
Sometimes I see beyond the haze
And I think that I could free myself
If I could shed your chains
I've got to let the music heal me

How you break me down
The last thing I find is sense around you
The cross tolerance uproots my will.

Autor(es): Over It