Crowd Distress

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Crowd Distress
Lining up the wall of fire bursting with a blast Reaching unpredicted heights crashing with a crash
Frenzy for a storm to fight breaking throught the barrier
Rip it down and hang it up thrashing with your fury Feel your bones crushing against the flesh
Your body in a single motion whipped around you feel the pain begin
Screaming out the final notion
Take control of life beyond flying off the edge Scarred for life free for living screaming insanity
Chaotic thoughts inside your mind
Nothing can be stopped
Beating all the odds against you taking
All the show
Veins are flowing full of adrenaline can't control your dismay
Life of dreams pass out in front of you passing up the final pay
Starting up the circle Heads begin to bash
Essence of the sweat As you whip and lash
Sscreaming like the banshees Flying through the air
Diving towards the ground Swinging by your hair
No escaping once your in circling aroung the crowd Bodies flying every way screaming the final plea Warlike figures on the move running their own way Circle of pain begins to roll slamming your way free Wanting more you start around again feeling the need to survive
Take control climbing above the rest leap and take the final dive.