Rob Zombie

Crow III

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"He can't get away with by the time, he gets in front of the
jury he'll be a good boy;" said man one. At a little before
5'oclock he when through the basement. "Yes or no!"
demanded man two bantering humor dry in his throat. "Is
there more than what sh e gave you?" questioned man three
as a growing flicker. Waved across his eyes. "No!" The
space surrounds constitutes a classic climate this happens to now
everyone in the room. You feel traces a dying sound listen to the
time of your life. Standstill panic stricken. Ringing the bells
of a empty houses someone answers and calls you, transfixed by
committed you say "I aint no guillotine" The girl
spoke from the doorway in her rasping voice "what he wants
is in the house" the words hung there for a mo ment.
Bending forward she plucked she plucked the ashes from his
cigarette and said something nobody could understand. Nobody
could understand, nobody could understand. One moment of
irritation you call back "why me?" the vantage point
above the stree t can be exhila
rating falling back to a perspective odyessy. A track of
thunder. Tower lust of decomposed intesity. I am I am I am I

mandado por drico xD

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