Sonic Syndicate

Crowned In Despair

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She was the night, night of retribution
A persona not right, blood of pollution
He was the day, day of solution
Shaped like clay, he was led astray

I would die for you, if you care for me
Tomorrow there`s another crimson dawn
I'll watch it alone, upon the lost throne
Crowned in despair
I would bleed for you, if you stay with me
Tomorrow there`s another endless night
I'll walk it alone, along the lost road
Crowned in despair

Couldn't see through her lies, every inch of me dies
Haunted by her face, my memory can´t be replaced
My heart's torn asunder, and maybe life's going under
But i know this will only make me stronger

It was never your fault, mind ghosts clouded my view
It was nothing you did, just couldn't help my insecurity from shining through

Autor(es): Richard Sjunnesson / Roger Sjunnesson

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