Crown of Femurs

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Acacius lay battered and bruised
His solo encounter with the trolls
Did not go as well as he had planned
In fact it nearly cost him his life

Engaging an overly angry one
That wore a crown made of femurs
Acacius now lay broken
Beneath the forest canopy

Even with the surges of adrenaline
Acacius could not help but yell
Hoping that somebody could hear
His mutilated and bloody calls for help

Galdor appeared from the distance
As the crouching troll took aim
And with a mighty blow from his sword
Severed the beast's jugular

Barring sharp canines
The troll limped away
Leaving its bloody trail
As it was now held at bay

Acacius was in dire need
Of some form of assistance
Luckily Galdor was there
To resuscitate his lifelong friend

The tendons in his poor legs
Wished to simply give way
But Galdor dragged Acacius
Back to the castle far away

Once home, Acacius's emotions
Started to get the best of him
And months of strenuous muscular
Combat training did Acacius begin

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