Dark Avenger

Crown Of Thorns

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Dark Avenger
- With the roman naves disembarked a rape, a risen shadow in wooden shaped, the Littles' fall on bent knees, was not the worse war injury?

( ??? )
- There were a pack of roman priests, to heathen faith they rose the fists, with lies and tricks worship a cross, imposing them some serious loss. Pendragon King they used to hoax, with groaning greed spoiling folks, with moaning chants rosary in hand, the Little ones ask 'till when they'll stand.

The Roman Priests (Personifying Christ's last moments)
Lacerating pain
Sticking down into my wounded skull it hurts
I raise my eyes to the sky to see the Lord
but they seem so turbid by the red blood of thorns
Eli, Eli why did you leave me so alone
Here in this cross?
Upon my head I feel the heft of all their sins
I've tasted the whip of their hatred on my back

My arms are open wide
My bones were broken down
And here upon my head lies a crown of thorns

I tried to make them see
Their eyes so blind guide them right into the hell
Words ain't enough to show the truth the Pharisees
Ask for my blood to bath the cross in the name of God
See, see the end is so near
There will be no more return
You've thrown the dice, you've played the game
Satan has won
You've lost your souls to whoredom

My arms are open wide
My bones were broken down
And here upon my head lies a crown of thorns

" Judica me Domine et discerne causam meam
De gente non sancta ab homine
iniquo et doloso erue me
Quia tu es, Deus, fortitudo mea
Quare me repullisti, et quare tristis incedo
dum affligit me inimicus?

There's enough promiscuity
Many promises were broken
They've violated thy holy name
Before the dark altar of satan
God don't allow the heathens stain thy holy name
Thy holy church must prevail
With pain and hate whatever it takes
I swear o Lord I'll be thy hand
Who's gonna save their lost souls
See my struggle within my heart
I will prevail, I must not die
Grant me wash their souls away
Into the blood of their sins
The time is short and running low
Satan lives like yesterday!

My arms are open wide my
Bones were broken down
And here upon my head lies
A crown of thorns
A crown of thorns
Crown of thorns!