Crown Of Thorns

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I wrote every note that you sung
Fought every battle you won
But I´m pulling out the nails of the cross you nailed
me too
Cause I´ll no longer be your shadow
You didn´t do this alone
And it´s time you should know

I turned your bricks into a wall
I built the throne where you sat tall
I let them praise you like messiah
While I wore your crown of thorns

You said the words but I wrote the poem
Enjoyed the warmth but I built the home
But the grave that you dug wasn´t deep enough for me
Now you wanna cast me aside
Well hey it´s an eye for an eye
And I won´t be crucified

I turned your bricks into a wall...

No more quiet woman beside her man
Waiting to correct another ane of his mistakes
An anonymous Goddess behind her god
Parting the waters of the world before it gets too
Well do Oh dear you hear my gospel that you can´t
This time you can write it yourself
Cause mine´s not yours to take
This time this time

I turned your bricks into a wall...

Autor(es): Geoman / Villalon