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I have read it in the good book
That the saints shall see reward
For the faith and love
That flows out of their lives

There is promise to receive the crowns
That never fade away
For the one who runs to win
There is the prize

I can picture in my mind
Of a great and glorious day
When the race has been run

When at last I stand
Before the throne of grace
And my eyes
Behold my saviour face-to face
My only hope and deepest prayer
At his feet as I bow down
Is to lay down all my crowns

There are crowns of life
And crowns of joy
And ones of righteousness
Shining emblems of a kingdom
We proclaim

Yet there's one that stands
Above the rest
That a man's already worn
Fashioned from the thorns
Of sacrifice and shame

Precious blood upon his brow
Stained a visage fulled with pain
Yet a king there was crowned, and

I will lay
I will lay down my crowns
I will lay
I will lay down my crowns

Autor(es): Bob Farrell

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