Blood On The Dance Floor

Crucified By Your Lies

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Crucified by your lies
Crucified like Jesus Christ

Hi, my name is Jesus like the man that was crucified
Bitches with their lies almost pushed me into suicide
Call me a rapist, here's the truth, can you take it?
Or will you keep believing what the haters keep on saying?

I've never been convicted but the media's choice
In trying to paint me as a criminal, I guess they're just addicted
The only thing they want is money, fame and attention
But making accusations complicate the situation

I know that I'm not perfect, I fuck up and make mistakes
But I'm man enough to admit to it, the truth you can't erase
You're getting so creative with my pictures in your Photoshop
Make something out of nothing with your fabricated photo op

I find it so disgusting, you waste all your time on me
All of this injustice from a life filled with disease

Nail me to the cross with your slanderous allegations
Just like Jesus Christ, I will pay for your salvation
Your life is so pathetic, I'll rejoice in celebration
All your hatred has become the final source of your damnation!

Crucified by your lies
Crucified like Jesus Christ

Now imagine being tortured for the rest of your life
With all sympathetics try to frame you all the time
Posting YouTube vids with only one side of a story
Stick it in your ass with your five seconds of glory

Rumor's going around that I'm a crazy loose canon
Well fuck it, I'll go green like the hulk and do some damage
Before you go accuse me, better get your facts straight
Defence is not bullying when you're a victim of this hate

And matter of fact, I hope you die with a fat dick in your eye
Scrutinize with your lies, I won't back down, I will rise!
It's all politics way to gain fame
Defaming your friends, throwing them into the flames

When the smoke clears, you'll be the guilty one
Here's my last bullet, suck the barrel of my fucking gun
I'm done, I'm over, know that I'm a righteous man
I'm sick and tired of trying to make you people understand

When they close my coffin and I'm holding hands with death
Just remember all I sacrificed, here's my final breath
I gave you my compassion, turn on me like an assassin
Sow me with your fucking life, just like Jesus in The Passion!

Crucified by your lies
Crucified like Jesus Christ

When it's all over tell me when does it end?
Trial by fire of an innocent man

Persecute, execute, bind me to a holy cross
Think you got the best of me, but I'm the motherfucking boss!
Call me a pedophile, underage is not my style
You sick twisted fucks, wish you had your fucking nuts cut
Shoved into your eye socket, violence is a way of loving
Giving me the justice that I rightfully deserve
Closing up the chapter to all that is absurd
When you listen to my music, listen to it word for word
Then you'll understand my meaning and my rep will be reversed
Hate! Hate! Hate!
When you cannot fucking break
Hate! Hate! Hate!
Cause I got what it takes
Hate! Hate! Hate!
All the music that I make
Jealousy's a bitch, and I fucked her in her face!
How do I taste!?

Crucified like Jesus Christ

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