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I stand before you
You who judge and persecute
All mighty beings Godlike
Decide my fate

Strung up and left to die
A lifeless creature who is worthless
Limp body, Soul desolate
I concede my fate
Is to die

I seek revenge
Upon the ones who purged me
I have lived before
Reborn vindictive
To avenge myself
Relentless I stalk
Merciless my intent
I die for no one

Self-righteous fools
Who condemned my fate
I' ve returned to destroy you

Careless Murderers of
The innocent
Face just vindication
Fall before me and slowly die

Bastard of hate Crucified
Behold my revenge And

Release my hate And wrath
Never-ending Misery
Cowards, repent now
My loathing unleashed
Upon you falls my hate
My torment falls away
As you bleed
Behold the end of you