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Let us help you find your god, let us guide you to his land
Where the pearly gates doth shines to the saviour he sent
You should be fucking grateful, we will tell you what to do
Shut your mouth, don't ask why, stick with us and you won't lost
And we'll put the bible where is belongs
We know the perfect place, so bend over and kiss god's feet
With violent speed the holy book accelerates up your ass
Now you see where we prefer to shove your fucking pages
The shit you spread is just to us another form of AIDS
What's the bible anyway compared to real good porno
You couldn't let us live this life, now we won't let you go, NO!!!
Give us the power, give us the speed
And we take you to a place you never thought you'd see
With violent speed the holy book accelerates up your ass
Your knees are rattling, you're so scared, you've standing all alone
We are really hostile, we are metal to the bone
Now it's time for you to know how violence can change your looks
With broken fingers, busted balls and your ass filled with a book
Yeah, we have put the biblic where it belongs
It is the perfect place, don't you dare to disagree!

Autor(es): Gehennah