Crucify Him

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Holy whore of mortal delights
Fucked upon the holy light
Given birth to bastard's son
For the loss of evil born

Raised to preach, raised to lie
Raised to suffer, raised to die

Jesus named this jewish fault
Christian order then was born
Wicked slaves of nazarene
Time shall come to slay, believe...

Beyond endurance, a flock of sheeps
No sanctity just human salacity

Dispatch the mass, burn them within
Make them suffer, make them bleed
On this moonless night were all angels at grief
We shall rise, believe...

In this path you have chosen
In this path shall be fallen...

And I stand and watch you bleed
For the sins of he and she
And I stand and watch you suffer
From the torment of nemesis
Abandoned by your heathen father
I spill your blood as wine

Befallen... Tormented...