Cruel Jungle - Part Two

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But the jungle, pacient, took its time
I remeber what my mother used to say
"Sin pays with death"
But what's in there for me
If honesty pays with misery?
A looser, that's how I feel
No chance, no change, no future
I won't wait for death to come
Merciless and Indifference are the eyes of this world
I can hear evil
Calling my name
and I don't know if I want to resist
I look at the sky
I try to find help
But the voices of the night...
Everything's back to what it used to be
Just hate grew
with the cry of hungry child
tearing the heart
But everything's alright now
Tears no more
There's plenty of food
my best friend is back
I went back to hell
but doesn't matter
I don't wanna live for a prayer
I can build my paradise
Build my paradise...
Time goes by, everything seems alright
Now I am selling illusions
I seel cheap and to anyone
rich and poor, black and white
Everybody looks for me
Everybody wants to run away from reality
It's alright, I am here
Bringing joy... as white as snow

By Zé Mingau