Crumble Beneath

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I'm watching, I know you, I see you. My hatred, despise you destroy you
I smell you, I feel you, and I fear the woeful truth, this tragic comedy
The foolish farce, this reckless race, this shameful plane
Of vileness in which you exist. The filthy hole, the stinking pit
Your holy hell, your sanctuary from the truth
Truth's scathing sneer, Truths piercing lance
Truth's cleansing fire strips away you're foul disgrace

Consume you, corrupt you, I tempt you. I hate you, I am you, distorted
In this pool of self inflicted pain! Still though, pain in mind is pain…still it is pain
Can you find the key, open up the door that grants release, sets you free?
Or are you doomed to fail and fall away - Slip into oblivion?

Staggered and crippled, dumbfounded and senseless this all seems too much...
Collapsing I spit at you...Crumble beneath the closing wall of the rage!

So know this, mark my words, I'll have you my hatred, despise you, destroy you