Julian Casablancas

Crunch Punch

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Survivors I have interviewed and also from all of the historical reading
These are patterns. This has happened many times in history

Devil's evangelicals have
Opened my eyes
He is the creepiest
Guy in the sky
Rumors on the radio the DJ is wrong
He's just a creature who was playing this song

And I can't live on a phone forever
Please just tell them I'm gone good night until tomorrow
When I made it out somehow
Cannot pray for you more

Policemen get in the face
Officer down on the scene
(256? we have an officer down I repeat? calling all cars)

Just repeat what is not true [?]
We want to tell him what to do
Can you rescue me
Everybody want some they can't see

Yes I want it for me
But I want it for you too

Coming evangelical is bumping my eye
He is as creepiest in the sky
Everybody loves him and he kisses your hand
He likes to preaching and then he sings in a band
Okay please don't take the bait
Telling you down in the face
Don't miss the show okay?
Why can't I have time

I can't live on a phone forever
We live too far away from everything
I pray for some things to change
Your mother is a murderer, trust me I know
She'll get excited
Can't beat them it's so hard
I wanna beat them in my prime

Autor(es): Julian Casablancas

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