Wall of Sleep


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Desire of truth proclaims warfare
Chances have drowned in the past
Tombstones in sanity's graveyard
Like black holes in the eyes of the Last

Castles in Spain made of unholy words
Preach in the shadow of gallows
Repentants in sackcloth and ashes
Choir of the psalms of hollow

Burn down the false world
Of the fake pseudo god
Burn down the realm
And take his blood
Burn, just burn down the realm
Burn it down to the ground
Burn, burn Messiah of Mammon
Praise the flames of fire

Pock-marked hands confer blessings
The followers are deaf, dumb and blind
The poisoned soil yield deformed harvest
The four horsemen have arrived to ride

Raise all the forgotten warlords
Loomed out through abyss of pain
Under the flag of the iron
They'll break out through aeons to reign

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