Crusade of Selfdestruction

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About to drown in my own kingdom
With eyes too shut to see
Killing myself don't really care
Colors fading black and white
This hell is where I die tonight
A kingdom of my own destined to collapse

Crushed by my own damn ignorance and hate
A broken bone that is yet to be pulverized
This crusade of self destruction bodily corruption
Is going nowhere fast
Feasting on morbid mayhem
My own suicidal genocide
Beyond the gates of reason
I claim this throne as mine

Unfucked and satisfied murderous confusion
Beneath this skin of mine dwells a blind pollution
Grim and hostile ungodly wrath
I steal my soul from reason and rape it blind
Feasting on the macabre
My own sickness purified
Beyond the state of reason
I claim this throne as mine