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Knights from all around the world
Wait for the grand master
For hundreds of years they're fighting
For faith, good & right

Many of them gave their lives
And lived the disaster
Templar, the order of God
Are blessed by the light

Walking on fire, steel & ice
They will take you higher
They will free your soul from evil lies
Burn out the fire

They remain servants of the God
They fight the betrayers
Sworn to die for christianity
They're the crusaders

Sons of light
Take away our fears - they'll take away your fears
Born to fight
No more tears - they'll wash your face from tears

Fighting for - sons of light fight for
Freedom & justice
Save us all
Lead the race

Knights wait for the one
For the grand master
For years they fought & died
To bring the light

In war they have given their lives
And faced the disaster
They are the children of God
They pray day and night

Crusaders, are blessed by the light
Crusaders, don't fear to die
Crusaders, ride by my side
Crusaders, forever they'll shine