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I verify the moment has passed
false agency eroding
I see a wire and the method of a burning rite
I see a window and the glimmer of a fading light

I survive on the passion of lovers
I walk away so as to see another holy day
Don't tell me that it's all right
because it's insight
I want to know what I'm dying for all

All properties collapsed
communications from a time long past
I see them coming so I modulate a timewar
forcing calling on the elements I wait for

It's all crucial for an ex-commune
deny or atone but you know you're not immune
False evidence it's all right
try to remember it the first light

Oh, the mocking voices they call to me
alleviating everything I see

Head down, always too late for
revelation - something that i've prayed for
Head down, always too late for
nothing doing
but don't you know I tried

to ascend
dynamically evolve
provisional denial
exposing all the matrices within

There's something in the night
controlling all I feel
controlling what you see

Crushed first to last
the final answer is near
No saviour, no torture time
only flesh and a ruined mind
I see you standing with the wings of an angel
your ship is gone before you
I see a heaven I can never hope to reach for
it's all denial as I'm standing at the final door

Crushed beneath a drowning moment
I can't believe this is perfection
Crushed beneath it, a drowning moment
the license for paradise still never mine

Left in silence and abandoned now
Can't move on but I relate somehow
Living in oblivion never turned out but
infinty limits me reaching for the trinity

Process, process, never told why
the blackest silence something's failing
Now will come the final trial
all the pity and denial
don't you know that eternity is mine now?